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IB50K Finalists 2020 Edition

DIOXI is a finalist of the #IB50K 2020 contest!
To make the transition towards a sustainable energy matrix possible, this team has developed the first modular system that uses artificial intelligence to control biogas production. #DIOXI reads variables such as temperature, pressure and PH through sensors placed in the biogas production plant and adjusts the values of these variables by controlling pumps and valves. While performing this task, this system learns from the process and improves it. In this way, Dioxi proposes to bring to the industry a system that, using Artificial Intelligence, allows the automation of the operation of biogas plants, taking advantage of the energy potential that the region has.
The team members are students or graduates of the following universities: Universidad Nacional del Litoral; Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal; Paraná Regional Faculty, UTN; Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. National University of the Litoral UTN Paraná Regional Faculty Polytechnic University of Madrid.

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