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DIOXI Project: WINNER of the INNOVAR 2022 contest

At the award ceremony, the proposal led by specialists from CONICET Santa Fe stood out. It is “DIOXI”, with the participation of INTEC, sinc(i) and INCAPE.

Team: Betzabet Morero (INTEC), Matías Gerard sinc(i), Franco Nardi (INCAPE) and Pablo Gonzalez, Alfonsina Carlen, Ernesto J. Kemmerer and UNL students Axel Kemmerer, Tomás Turi.

The project was awarded in the Robotics/Artificial Intelligence category, selected from more than 1000 proposals.

DIOXI offers a Functional Control System, which allows monitoring the mechanical and biological processes in real time, which take place in a biogas plant. This is possible through the use of complex neural network algorithms, which adapt to the needs and type of plant in each case, and can even predict possible failures or future production in real time, allowing for ample response times. “DIOXI is an idea that was born 5 years ago in the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences of the National University of the Litoral,” explained Betzabet Morero, leading researcher of the project.

The award-winning initiatives (see complete list here) received their distinctions and a statuette of this edition of the contest prepared by the Andean Patagonian Forest Research and Extension Center (CIEFAP). On this occasion, more than 300 innovators were invited to exhibit, who exhibited their prototypes and showed their initiatives to the public and the jury that chose the winning projects.

We will continue to accompany innovation, science and technology to build the Argentina that we all dream of.

About the call

In total, 977 initiatives were registered, which represents almost 30% more than those registered in the previous edition. Regarding its distribution by category, 456 were registered as an innovative product; 128 as Innovations in agriculture; 122 in Industrial Design; 120 in Applied Research; 78 in Robotics/Artificial Intelligence; and 73 as Innovations in universities. Regarding its federal distribution, 714 projects from the Central region and Buenos Aires were registered; 81 from the NOA region; 79 of Cuyo; 76 from the Patagonia region; and 27 from the NEA.

With more than 17 years of experience, the INNOVAR National Innovation Contest is the pioneering initiative that promotes innovation and rewards those who dare to invent, create and improve products and services, at the federal level. The projects are distinguished with the objective of promoting and promoting inventions with high social and commercial impact; promote technology-based ventures; give visibility to processes, patented or patentable products in Argentina and/or abroad and services that entail a demonstrated generation of value; and continue strengthening the development of a national innovative culture.

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