Revolutionizing sustainability: DIOXI empowers diverse bioprocess industries with AI, driving efficiency, reducing waste, and building a greener future

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// (Bio)process


Physico-chemical parameters

Optimization of physicochemical parameters in real time


Incorporating IoT into production infrastructure

Adaptive Software

DIOXI is developed to work on multiple platforms

Mobile app

Access to (bio)process data through mobile devices

24/7 Support

Online support 24/7, 365 days a year

Production Analytics

Overview of the (bio)process using intuitive graphics

Our solutions

The perfect solution
to improve your (bio)process

Software with A.I.

Artificial intelligence to generate learning patterns


Data storage in DIOXI Cloud

Monthly balance

Access to monthly production results

Costs reduction

Greater efficiency in the production process

Data management

Organization of data to make strategic decisions

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